Customize ANY Workout, Blast Through Strength Plateaus, Pack Muscle On Your Most Stubborn Body Parts, Move Better, Feel Better & Make GAINS For A Lifetime!

We Compiled Data On The Most Common “Problem Areas” In Training, Then Created Easy-To-Implement Mini Workouts, aka, “Specialization Courses” - That’ll Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths – While Making Your Current Program 10X More Effective!

Let me tell you why most programs don’t work!

Does this sound familiar? You purchase a program from a well-respected coach/trainer – but regardless of how great the program is – it’s never 100% specific to YOUR needs/goals. How can it be? There are millions of lifters out there, making it virtually impossible to cater to every single person’s specific weaknesses and goals. There’s always going to be at least ONE THING you wish was a little different about a program. We often hear statements like: “My current program is great, but I wish there were more curls in it.” Or, “I’m seeing great gains in all areas, but my stubborn calves won’t grow.” Here’s another common complaint: “Squats are a big part of my current program, but my chronic knee pain is preventing me from progressing!” The list of programming “obstacles” are endless, but thankfully, we’ve come up with a solution to all of the most common problems!

Reach [and EXCEED] Your Training Goals by Instantly Upgrading Your Current Program!

FIRST, Let’s get something straight – The “perfect program” does NOT exist! It is impossible for a workout to address every single area equally. If it did, you’d be in the gym all day long. It just wouldn’t be realistic. There will always be some “holes” in the programs you had hoped would solve all your problems. We understand what you’re going through. It is not your commitment to the program! Every time you step into the gym, you train your butt off and get after it.

The problem is that the workouts you’ve been doing just need a little bit of help. Some additional exercises and programming “tweaks” that will completely revamp your training and make it laser-focused to your specific goals.

Easy-To-Implement ‘Specialization Workouts’ Will “Fill The Hole(s)” In Your Current Training Program And Instantly CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAINS!

Here is how we smashed the ‘old’ programming model and changed the game forever! Gone are the days of cookie-cutter ‘one-size-fits-all’ workouts. If you want real results, every time you step into the gym, the exact exercises you do must be specifically targeted to your exact needs and focused on getting you to your goals. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast!

Enter the new Specialization Workouts! ‘Plug-in-play’ workouts modifications to help customize your gains and maximize your results. Imagine opening up your tight ankles so you can squat better? What if you were able to do a Gun Show at the end of your workouts to jump-start your arm training? A weak core keeping you from pulling a heavy deadlift? Is shoulder pain keeping you from training your upper body? We’ve got you covered!

You’re not going to believe the library of specialization courses we’ve built to precisely target the most common tight areas and weak muscle groups in order to help you train better and finally get the results you’ve always wanted!


The New Specialization Courses

  • Course 1: The Joint-Friendly Upper Back Hypertrophy Program
  • Course 2: The 3-Phase Deeper Squat Program
  • Course 3: Insanely Fit in One Minute! Program
  • Course 4: Super Shoulder Recovery Program
  • Course 5: 6-Weeks to a Bigger Bench Press Program
  • Course 6: The Joint-Friendly Boulder Shoulders Program
  • Course 7: #TeamNoCalves No More Program
  • Course 8: The Foot Fix Program
  • Course 9: The Gun Show Program
  • Course 10: Neck Strength | Concussion Prevention Program
  • Course 11: The Savage Grip Program
  • Course 12: The Knee Pain Fix Program
  • Course 13: The Daily Dozen Program
  • Course 14: The 6 Chin-ups in 6 Weeks Program
  • Course 15: Advanced Core Training Program
  • BONUS | Course 16: How to Write an Effective Program
  • Course 1: The Joint-Friendly Upper Back Hypertrophy Program
  • Course 2: The 3-Phase Deeper Squat Program
  • Course 3: Insanely Fit in One Minute! Program
  • Course 4: Super Shoulder Recovery Program
  • Course 5: 6-Weeks to a Bigger Bench Press Program
  • Course 6: The Joint-Friendly Boulder Shoulders Program
  • Course 7: #TeamNoCalves No More Program
  • Course 8: The Foot Fix Program
  • Course 9: The Gun Show Program
  • Course 10: Neck Strength | Concussion Prevention Program
  • Course 11: The Savage Grip Program
  • Course 12: The Knee Pain Fix Program
  • Course 13: The Daily Dozen Program
  • Course 14: The 6 Chin-ups in 6 Weeks Program
  • Course 15: Advanced Core Training Program
  • BONUS | Course 16: How to Write an Effective Program



Course 1:

The Joint-friendly Upper Back Hypertrophy Program

We live in an “anterior dominant” world. The majority of our days are spent [hunched over] sitting at a desk, driving a car, looking down at our phones, and starring at computer screens. Couple these daily activities with poor programming, aka, an over-emphasis on “pressing” patterns and you have a recipe for poor posture, shoulder dysfunction and weak, underdeveloped upper back musculature.

This course provides 2 simple [yet unique] mini workouts which target the often-neglected external rotators and postural muscles. Utilizing only a band & bodyweight movements, these joint-friendly workouts will improve your overall shoulder health, while packing muscle onto your upper back!

Course 2:

The 3-phase Deeper Squat Program

Squatting is a fundamental movement pattern that finds its way into almost all programs. Unfortunately, most people lack the mobility needed to squat properly – so they end up compensating and hurting themselves [as opposed to benefitting from this great movement].

This course will allow you to finally experience all the benefits of squatting, without the knee and/or low back pain that’s usually associated with it. You’ll learn our favorite ankle, hip & shoulder mobility drills [in conjunction with positional breathing] – to help you squat deeper and safer – which will enable your legs to grow bigger & stronger!

Course 3:

Insanely Fit in One Minute! Program

This course is the ultimate cardio routine for anyone who claims to be “too busy” to fit cardio into their program. [It requires just 10 MINUTES of your time!!]

When done properly, this short high-intensity interval workout can elicit the same cardiovascular and health benefits as a moderate-intensity training session lasting 5X as long! You’ll have no more excuse NOT to be in great cardiovascular shape once you begin incorporating this “mini workout” into your current program!

Course 4:

The Super Shoulder Recovery Program

This program is geared towards getting your shoulders to move better, feel better, and reset your posture. The Super Shoulder Recovery Program is designed to relax all of the musculature around the shoulder – specifically the chest, lats and triceps – in order to unlock new ranges of motion. Once a new range of motion is opened up, you will work to strengthen the shoulder from multiple angles, with specific focus on mobilizing the shoulder blades and strengthening the external rotators. This will enable you to handle heavier weights – with better technique and less pain – when performing virtually any/all upper body lifts!

Course 5:

The 6-Weeks to a Bigger Bench Press Program

This is the 3-week, repeatable course that Joe DeFranco designed and used to bench press double his bodyweight [for the first time in his life] on his 42nd birthday! The exercises/techniques outlined in this specialization course can easily be incorporated into ANY program you are currently on!

Course 6:

The Joint-Friendly Boulder Shoulders Program

This program is designed to add muscle mass to your shoulders and upper back without ‘beating up’ your joints! The exercises used in these two workouts have been proven to provide an optimal training effect without having to utilize heavy barbell military pressing.

To make the workouts even more effective, two shoulder “resets” have been added at the end of each session to help speed recovery and feed forward into better range of motion and better training for your main workouts!

Course 7:

#TeamNoCalves, No More! Program

This specialization course is guaranteed to turn your “baby calves” into BULLS once and for all! While the workouts may look very basic “on paper”, you will quickly find out that the devil is in the details. Specific exercise execution, timed sets and unique rep ranges make these easy-to-implement mini workouts highly effective! If you’re someone who claims “your calves will never grow”, this is the program that will change your mind [and calves] forever!

Course 8:

The Foot Fix Program

This course is all about unlocking your feet and ankles, while helping you move better and connect better with the ground. The “Foot Fix” workouts incorporate a combination of SMR, mobility & strength – all of which have a positive influence on your balance, exercise technique, and power potential! We have also received feedback from over 1000 individuals who reported noticeable improvements in their plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and knee pain after following the workouts outlined in this course!

Course 9:

The Gun Show Program! (Biceps/Triceps Specialization)

If you want bigger, more muscular arms [and who doesn’t?] this is the course for you!! This course provides 3 extremely effective mini workouts which attack the biceps and triceps from every angle & rep range – while including a variety of eccentric, concentric and isometric muscular contractions. Your arms will have no choice but to GROW once you implement this specialization course into your current program. We guarantee it!

Course 10:

The Neck Strength | Concussion Prevention Program

New research suggests that [proper] neck-strengthening exercises can reduce concussion risk. But, your neck training cannot simply consist of a few sets of flexion/extension. You must address all functions of the neck (flexion/extension, lateral flexion & rotation) – along with mobility! This course shows you how to strengthen the neck from all angles, while also improving range of motion & posture. Whether you’re an athlete looking to reduce your concussion risk – or a weekend warrior who just wants to look intimidating in a t-shirt – this course is for you!

Course 11:

The Savage Grip Program

You can’t be a strong athlete/lifter without having a strong grip! Developing a “savage grip” takes consistency and a broad-based approach. You must target all aspects of grip – including, crush grip, support, pinch, wrist postures (ulnar/radial deviation, flexion/extension, and supination/pronation), and dexterity or hand health – all of which are covered in this comprehensive specialization course! If you’re interested in developing a vice-like grip & forearms that would make Popeye envious – this is the course for you!

Course 12:

The Knee Pain Fix Program

This insanely effective course addresses the root of most knee problems -tight ankles & hips – while also implementing our favorite “knee strengthening” exercises. The specific strength and mobility exercise pairings prescribed in this course have been proven effective time and time again [as we’ve already saved over 1000 knees with this simple program!] Whether you’re looking to rid yourself of knee pain – or prevent yourself from ever having knee pain – this is the course for you!!

Course 13:

The Daily Dozen | Flexibility Program

3This is the upgraded version to Joe D’s wildly popular “Agile 8” routine. Unlike the Agile 8 [which was specifically designed to reduce low back pain], the Daily Dozen is a FULL BODY mobility routine designed to reduce pain & stiffness throughout the entire body. All major muscles groups & joints are addressed in this easy-to-follow sequence. You will be amazed at how much different/BETTER your body will feel in just 20 minutes!

Course 14:

The 6 Chin-ups in 6 Weeks Program

This is the exact program that Joe D. designed for his wife’s personal trainer [who was stuck at 9 chin-ups for years]. In just 6 short weeks, she improved from 9 chins to 15 strict chins! Since that time, similar results have been experienced by hundreds of our personal training clients & DeFranco Insider members! [NOTE: This specialization course is best suited for those who can currently perform 6+ chin-ups.]

Course 15:

The Advanced Core Training Program

This is NOT your typical “core workout” that provides a few gimmicky abdominal exercises… The fitness industry is already flooded with those types of elementary workouts. This course addresses the core’s primary function [which is to protect & stabilize our spine while our extremities move] – while implementing “three-dimensional” exercises that’ll bulletproof your core, increase your strength – and give you six-pack abs that are every bit as functional as they look!



How To Write an Effective Program

This bonus course allows you to [literally] peak over Joe D’s shoulder as he writes an actual workout for one of his clients! While writing the workout, Joe explains the reasoning behind his exercise selection, exercise order, number of sets, reps, etc. This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the thought process that goes into designing world class training programs!


The bottom line is that each new program in the Specialization Courses library has been tested & proven to help you move better, feel better, and get better results in the gym. All you have to do is consistently incorporate the programs that specifically target your individual restrictions, weaknesses, and goals – and you will get stronger, build more muscle, and feel better! If you honestly test out the system for 12 weeks and it doesn’t work for you, then email our customer support team and we’ll refund your investment. We stand behind this product 100% and there is absolutely no risk. We guarantee this product’s effectiveness and are committed to your success.



Literally ‘Everything’ You Need To Create The Ultimate Program, Just For You!

Don’t get stuck in a rut with a ‘cookie-cutter’ program that wasn’t specifically designed for you! That is the fast track to nowhere. You need to take back control of your training and start doing workouts that have you leaving the gym with a spring in your step and the results YOU want!

Our ‘Specialization Workouts’ contain the best warm-up exercises, mobility drills, special strength movements, hypertrophy exercises, and more. And all of the workouts in this series are easy-to-follow and can be conveniently added to any program!

Listen, we’ve been in the gym training for a combined 65+ years!! We know what works, and more importantly, we know what doesn’t. We know what problems all lifters and athletes go through trying to find the “perfect program” to change their body, strengthen their weaknesses and improve their performance. These Specialization Courses are the missing link(s) to help you blast through any strength, hypertrophy, mobility or performance plateau! We’re confident saying this because we’ve been testing and updating them for the last 20+ years. They’ve helped thousands of athletes and lifters worldwide and now it’s your turn!

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, you need to give these workouts a try. Go download them right now!



The Specialization Courses are designed to be implemented as a supplement to whatever program you’re currently on. They can be utilized as an add-on to your warm-up, to the main workout, or as an additional “mini-workout” on your “off days” between training sessions to help you recover, move better, bring up a lagging muscle group or blast through a strength plateau!

Specialization programs should be chosen specific to your current goals and/or training limitations that are preventing you from training with proper technique or intensity for the exercises you’re utilizing in your current program.

No, the Specialization Courses are a completely digital product. You will access the library of courses from within a personal dashboard.

After you complete your order, you will receive an email with the subject line, “Registration for the Specialization Courses program.” This email can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to come through due to delays on the email servers. (Make sure your check your SPAM folder). If you don’t see your email come through, simply email us at helpdesk @ dieselsc dot com – The instructions in this email will help you to create your personal dashboard and access the Specialization Courses

There are 15 specialization courses in the program and a BONUS course!

Legal Disclaimer: Due to recent changes in law from the FTC, it is required that all companies identify what a “typical” result is. The results depicted on this website are actual results of real clients who followed the workouts and advice described in the Specialization Courses. If you don’t do anything, you can expect no results. Consult your physician before starting a fitness program.